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Optimized for iOS 6 and iPhone 5 4-inch Retina display

Now available on the App Store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id431632510


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Now available on the App Store: http://itunes.apple.com/app/id431632510


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Pinball Tristan for Mac on the Mac App Store
Pinball Tristan for iOS on the App Store

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Well, to do the performance test of OpenGL ES2, the first thing to do is preparing a model for the test. I used the model data of Zeala the jinni. Do you remember him?

Zeala the jinni

Next, you should convert the model created with LightWave to the data which can be rendered by OpenGL ES2. I used Blender this time because I love its specification which enables to write plug-ins with Python. 😀

I looked for a plug-in to export data to Wavefront .obj file and modified it to make it export C static data.

Then created an application using OpenGL ES Application template which is available in Xcode and modified it to display Zeala on the iPhone screen. The first appearance of him was without any color and texture, just looked like a plaster statue. However, I took only a day or so. Not bad at all. 🙂

But of course not everything was going so well afterwards. You can tell how was it by my weary appearance of the photo taken on December 8

-to be continued

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As I got an idea it would be nice to share how I created app for iOS,  I’m starting this serial “Let’s create an iPhone / iPad app” recalling the development of Pinball Tristan.

To begin with, I did a performance test of OpenGL ES2. As the most important thing in pinball game development is to keep 60FPS (frame per second) , it is necessary to optimize the three-D model. To optimize, you should know how many polygons with what kind of texture can be drawn by the device without dropping frames.

The test for Tristan was harder than expected. The first thing I knew was —it was beyond my scope of assumption.. 😦

To be continued

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Pinball Tristan updated to version 1.1, minor bug fix and performance improvement.

Get it now at special price! Super Summer Sale is in progress. Save 50%!

Pinball Tristan App Store page

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Pinball Tristan time limited offer – save 50%! Don’t miss it!

Pinball Tristan on the Apple App Store

Pinball Tristan is a worldwide best selling, award winning game, born for the Mac in 1991. You’re going to have trouble putting this one down. It’s cool 3D retro graphics, full-fledged pinball challenge, precise physical implementation of ball movement, is enough to make any diehard pinballer drool! Pinball Tristan is selected for Staff’s Favorite in 10 countries.

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