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Now available on the App Store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id533037359


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New icon for Crystal Caliburn II ! Is it better?


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Free updates for both Macintosh and Windows. A minor game rule glitch is fixed, playfield  modified for better ball action at Mino Chamber.

Download the latest program at our downloads page. Key-codes can be used without any change.

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We have updated four of our Macintosh pinball games. All free updates:

Crystal Caliburn, Loony Labyrinth, JINNI ZEALA: Installers updated to be “drag & drop” style

Monster Fair: program updated to 1.2.5. Graphic display compatibility with MacBookPro improved.

Enjoy LittleWing pinball!

LittleWing Pinball Downloads page

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This update fixes minor glitches of the physics engine which caused rare cases where the ball jumped out of the ramp.
Please download the latest version.

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This update fixes the problem with MacBook Pro’s automatic graphics switching feature. Please download the latest version at our website. Free of charge.


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MAD Daedalus Windows version updated to ver. 1.1.6.
This update includes a bug fix and video performance improvement on Windows. We recommend all Windows version users  to get the update. Please download the latest version at our downloads page. This update is free of charge.


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